health disparities 

A health disparity is a term coined for differences in the health status of different populations. In areas all around the world, some groups of people experience higher rates of certain diseases, injuries, disabilities and mortalities compared to others. The causes of these differences are due to a variety of factors such as race, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status. 

Inequalities in healthcare are a main cause of the health disparity that exist today around the world. Certain geographically defined population groups are at a greater disadvantage than others in regards to available health care. The differences that exist in available medical equipment, specialized medical services and procedures, and knowledge of the most up to date medical literature can have severe consequences on the citizens residing in these communities. 



                                        Promote Health Equality

Barrels For Change promotes health equality by facilitating education, introducing health policy reforms, and spreading awareness of the causes of disparities in health and health care. 

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